Fell Races


Under 9ís

1st Jack Garside (Rycroft Family Cup)

2nd Roddy Bannister

3rd Robby Johnson


Under 12ís

1st B Johnstone (Silver cup donated by the late Mrs J Metcalfe)

2nd J Hall

3rd P Done

4th S Haggas

5th T Bailey (1st Local Boy The Akers Cup)

6th W Peryer


1st Georgina Speaker

2nd Ellie Child

3rd Martha Pickles (1st Local girl)


Under 14ís

1st W Marshall (Keith Hill Memorial Trophy)

2nd H Bannister

3rd S Bastow

4th L Tuck

5th D Wilson

6th A Crossley (1st Local - The Fell Trophy)

7th W Pickles


Under 17ís

1st James Mountain (the Buck Inn Cup)

2nd M Fretwell

3rd J Catchwell

4th W Crisp (1st Local The Lockwood Trophy)

5th B Pinder

6th T Wilson

7th A Fretwell (1st Girl)



1st Ted Mason (Proctor Trophy)

2nd Lea Athersmith

3rd T Danby

4th B Elsworth

5th T Hanoway

6th M Mcgoldrick

7th Adrian Pickles (1st Local The Otterburn Trophy)


1st Girl Jill Heseltine (The Hill Top Bunk Barners Ladies Fell Race Trophy)